Adding users to Workplace

Add users to the workplace

  1.  Go to your workplace by entering "" and log in with the mail ID in which you created the workplace.
  2. On the left sidebar click on workplace details.
  3. You would see workplace details if you have the right permissions
  4. Below "Workplace Details" section you will also see "Workplace Users" section
  5. Within  " Workplace users" section, you will see "Invite users" section.
    1. Here you can add multiple users by typing their email id's separated by commas and then click on "Add"
    2. Once you click on "Add" the email id's typed in "Invite users" box would be sent emails to sign up and join the workplace.
  6. The details of users who have signed up or joined the workplace can be seen in the table within the "Workplace section".

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