Clappia inter-app connections

Clappia supports inter-app data communication. This means you can submit data to app A and pull a list of those submissions into another app B. This feature becomes very useful when you want a common and dynamic data source that can be referred in several other apps.

For example, there are two apps which record incoming and outgoing work order. A user records the incoming work order in Inward Tracker. Once the work is complete, the work order number is pulled into the Outward Tracker and shipping/payment information is updated. Here are the steps to connect two apps in Clappia.

    1. Create the data source app.
    2. Start creating another app Outward Tracker which will pull the data from Inward Tracker. In the edit mode of "Outward Tracker" drag the "Clappia App" block to the left section.
    1. Rename the label and select the dependency app as the data source app. Inward Tracker should be selected in this case.
    1. Select the key fields based on which the corresponding details will be fetched. Key fields appear in the drop-down of the final application.
This is how the final drop-down appears if you select the above key fields.
    1. The next step is to add the other fields that will be fetched on the basis of key field selection above. Based on your selection, the read-only blocks of all the selected fields are automatically populated.
    2. Add other fields based on your requirement and your app is ready. Here is the final app view:
















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