What are the benefits of using Clappia over a spreadsheet?

With the rapid penetration of smartphones and the internet, people are looking for ways to do their work through apps. There are many apps for business users on apps store and play store. However, none satisfies each business’s custom requirements.

For this, we developed Clappia, a simple and easy to use platform where a business user can create apps just by dragging and dropping software blocks as per their requirement. The process of creating apps is as easy as working on a spreadsheet. The time taken to create and deploy apps would reduce significantly. Now anyone can create enterprise-level customized apps without any of the coding, deployment or hosting headaches.

Currently, you may be using spreadsheets for managing several processes of your business. If you feel the need to get apps for all such processes, you should try Clappia. Here are some of the advantages because of which our customers prefer Clappia over a spreadsheet:


The power of a spreadsheet goes for a toss on a mobile device. Forget about advanced edits and filters, even a basic data entry become difficult. And when you are using a Cloud sheet, multiple users entering data at the same time creates additional difficulty. In Clappia, you design a nice user interface form and any number of users can enter data simultaneously.

Data Validation

Have you faced a situation where you or your staffs left an important field blank? Or they entered wrong values, the wrong format of dates, wrong spellings, wrong emails? Clappia makes your life much easier in all those cases. You can set up the validation and your users won’t do such mistakes.  


A spreadsheet makes your life really easy. However, it definitely requires human intervention all the time. In a business, you need certain workflows to be triggered in different situations. This is where Clappia excels. A spreadsheet does not solve any workflow problems.  

Ex: If you want to review an expense submitted by a person, the concerned authority can approve or reject on that expense entry. This update would be notified to one who submitted the entry.

Permission Model

This is a must-have for all businesses. You cannot afford to expose a certain piece of information to all your staffs and customers. For example, can you manage the incentive records of your sales force on a spreadsheet and expose that sheets to everyone? Probably No. Most businesses either buy separate software for all such processes or they rely on manual efforts. If standard apps are not available then the only option they have is to rely on manual efforts.

In Clappia, you can set up individual level permissions for submitting data, giving the read-only view, giving review permissions etc.

Notifications and reminders

Notifications and reminders make mobile apps a preferred choice over a web application. In Clappia, you can set custom automatic notifications, recurring reminders etc. so that all your users take the required action on time. And that doesn’t mean we have ignored email notifications. All your users get custom email notifications as well.

App to Sheet

Last but not least, we do not challenge the power of a spreadsheet. That beast has been there and will be there with us. Thus, we have decided to work together. You can connect a Google Sheet with your apps and Clappia will keep on pumping your data to the Google Sheet.  Use the power of a spreadsheet from that point.

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